Helping underprivileged
children grow up into the
adult God created them to be.​

IHS Ministries was started by the participants of the In His Steps Sunday school class at Southland Christian Church in Nicholasville, Ky. It is our vision to help adults and children who have been living in poverty, have been left homeless, or who have suffered from a national disaster.

Our initial participation in helping disadvantaged children began in 2014 by helping with a local elementary school, where IHS Ministries participated in a backpack program providing meals for students living in poverty.

Since then, IHS Ministries has expanded their ministry; through God’s work, and by working with like-minded partners reaching beyond the borders of our home state of Kentucky to countries like Nepali, Mexico, and Peru.

Our Programs Include

  • Bible Distribution
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Homes for the homeless Living on Trash Dumps
  • Planting Churches
  • Economic Development Training
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Backpack Ministries
  • Pastor Training
  • Bible Conferences



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Our initial participation in helping disadvantaged children began in 2014 by helping with a local elementary school, where IHS Ministries participated in a backpack program for students living in poverty. The students who qualified for the program are given backpacks to take home, containing food that provides a meal for when school is not in session.

Since then, IHS Ministries has expanded their ministry; besides the above-mentioned Backpack Ministry, programs include participating in a School Mentoring Program, which helps students discuss difficulties they may be facing in or out of the school environment on a one-on-one small group setting. From cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill to blowing up water balloons, IHS Ministries extends the love of Jesus to students of all ages, including college students at the University of Kentucky.

IHS Ministries local efforts also include preparing home-cooked meals for the residents of the Jessamine County Homeless Shelter, the homeless in the community of Nicholasville, KY, and the residents of The Room in the Inn Ministry, which is sponsored by Southland Christian Church and provides a winter home for 12 men during the months of November through March. In addition, we are involved in street-type ministries helping women who have been or are involved in the sex industry or who are experiencing feelings of aloneness, discouragement and depression due to increased isolation. IHS Ministries provides sack meals, resources, and care to women who are housed at a local center as well as some who are living on the streets.

Where one out of every four students face hunger, IHS Ministries' backpack program helps feed local hungry children.​

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries with the 21st highest poverty rate. Half the population is jobless and many live on $1 US or less per day. In this condition it is very hard for families to send their children to school so they never get the opportunity to gain an education. without an education it is very difficult for these children to achieve a better life for themselves in a world where education is the new currency. Education is paramount in helping the community children of Nepal avoid facing a future that leads to poverty.

Christianity is still a new religion in Nepal. Until January 15, 2007, Nepal’s constitution stated that the country was a Hindu Kingdom. Under the Interim Constitution proposed thereafter, Nepal has converted its status to a secular state, which is a big step towards religious freedom and tolerance. Unfortunately, there is still much persecution towards minority religious groups, like Christianity, which face problems of harassment and social discrimination from society at large.

Pastor Dhan LamaL currently lives in Kathmandu, Nepal and feels Gods calling to lead the people of Central Nepal to experience the love of God.. His prayer is for the villages to experience revival and experience the hope of Christ in their lives. He looks forward to planting 100 new churches, a mission school and a mission hospital.

Food, clothing, and educational needs are the top necessities in Nepal.​

Juarez, Mexico was another place where God introduced IHS President and CEO, Robert Stanko, to a pastor named Jorge who had a vision to introduce the gospel message to a group of afflicted people in the Sierra Tarahumara.

The people in the Sierra live in very poor conditions. They lack clean water, and homes that provide a safe environment in the winter. If they can afford a wooden home, it lacks heat, and an entire family of 15-20 people will bunk together. Children sleep on straw cots, and bathrooms are unheard of. Those who cannot afford a home live in caves built into the hillsides that lack basic protection from harsh winters. Families eventually run out of firewood, and are then unable to get out for additional fuel because the snowfall accumulation is several feet tall each winter. In addition to the harsh winters, drought has afflicted the Sierra Tarahumara form the past several years. The Tarahumara people rely almost exclusively on their crops for food. The lack of timely rain and the heavy snow falls has destroyed the corn, beans, squash, and potato crops causing great hunger and malnutrition to both adults and children.

Over the past ten years, Pastor Jorge has recruited doctors and U.S. mission teams to travel to the Sierra to preform medical and dental needs for the adults and children. On the average, at least three teams of doctors and dentists make the journey with Jorge each year. Medicines are always needed, along with blankets, shoes, eye glasses, winter clothing, and food supplies. Pastor Jorge has also worked closely with the few local teachers to keep journals on the medical needs of adults and children.

The copper canyon area of the Sierra is a beauty, showing God’s creation unlike any area in the U.S. If you are up for a challenge, put aside one week and travel to the Sierra with Jorge and his friends. We guarantee it is a week you will never forget!

Children in the Sierra are in desperate need of clothing, an education, medical attention and food. Many work on the streets selling hand made baskets for money that allows them to purchase food for their family.​

Our last area of ministry presently is Peru, where God introduced IHS Ministries to two incredible servants. The first one is Gerardo Guzman from Chincha, Peru; Pastor of The Missionary Church in Vina Del Rey, and also the principal of the local school, the George Washington Carver Academy.

For the Guzman family it all started in 2007, after a large earth quake destroyed much of the city of Chincha. Over 500 people were killed, over 1300 injured, and more than 50,000 homes were destroyed. HIS Ministries sent construction teams to Chincha where four teams worked to rebuild the church in Del Rey, and the home of the Guzmans. After that, teams have been returning to Chincha on a regular basis to help the Guzmans grow the vision God has laid on their hearts, by teaching skills to the school’s teachers, providing computer and biology labs, and establishing weekend retreats for the staff of the school.

Because of the poverty in the area, less than half of the students can afford the monthly $25.00 tuition; the average student pays only $5.00 per month, causing teachers to be underpaid and unable to purchase resources they need to grow their students in mind, body, and soul. However, the school keeps providing education for children grades 1-12, and has become one of the top athletic and academic educational centers in Peru.

Children living in the mountains above Chincha descend to town to receive a cup of milk and a slice of bread; often the only food they will have that day.​